Fremdsprachiges Lizenzmaterial

Have you ever considered that it is not possible for parents to NOT sex educate their children?
You always sex educate, whether you talk or remain silent!
The silence on the topic of sex speaks towards kids with a loud voice: it carries the message: You shall not talk about this!
“Sexualaufklärung – Aufgabe und Chance©” (Engl.working title: “Talking about sex with your kids: a challenging but rewarding responsibility“) is a concept that encourages parents to take responsibility for the sex education of their children before others do so.
As a Gynecologist and sex counselor I am offering presentations on this topic.
Currently the license material is available in German language only but this concept is considered to be translated to English as well.
English speaking persons can then be trained to give the same lectures as I do.
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Este concepto es primero traducido al español. Si usted está interesado en la traducción española, puede notificarme aquí:

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